Seeking God to seek a Pastor

Here at Hillcrest Baptist Church we are seeking God to seek a Pastor.  We know that God has His plan for us and that He has already chosen a Pastor.  Pray for the man of God who is coming here to us.   Pray for God's direction and timing.  

Carlsbad Outreach Center

Please donate to your Local Outreach Center and help feed the poor and hungry in your community.  If you give to the least of his children you do it for him (Jesus) as well.

Sunday Service Schedule

Sunday Morning 

9:00 Donut Fellowship

9:30 Sunday School

10:45  Worship Service

Sunday Evening


Worship Service

Be always in Prayer

Pray and encourage each other to always be in prayer.  At home, at work, at school, there is no place that God will not listen to you.  And even behind prison walls they could not prevent the apostle Paul from praying.   The power of earnest prayer to God will stir up great things to happen.